My order failed. What now?

Your subscription can fail to process because of an issue with your payment method on file or if it is empty so there are no products to ship. If it is empty, check out this FAQ How do I adjust the products or quantities in my subscription?

If the issue is related to your payment method, follow these steps to update the card on your account and resume your paused subscription:

  1. Click LOGIN

  2. Enter your username or email address associated with your account

  3. Enter your password

  4. Click LOG IN

  5. Click HI (NAME)!

  6. Click MY ACCOUNT


  8. Click DELETE to the right of any payment methods you no longer want on the account

  9. Click ADD PAYMENT METHOD to add new payment methods

  10. Enter the Card Number, Expiry, and Card Code, and click ADD PAYMENT METHOD

  11. Click the UPDATE button that appears in a dialogue box on the page or click the circular arrow to the right of the payment method you wish to associate with any subscription orders, if applicable

IMPORTANT: If the order originated from a subscription, you will need to go to your subscriptions to change the date and resume it.

  2. Click EDIT SCHEDULE, choose the desired Schedule and Next Occurrence and click UPDATE SCHEDULE
  3. Confirm the desired date and schedule are displayed at the top of the page and click RESUME
  4. Once you click RESUME, your subscription status will change to Active and your order will process on the date you set.

*Subscriptions cannot be scheduled to process on the same day. If you wish to process your subscription on the same day, reach out to our Support Team.

NOTE: You will get an email reminding you of your Subscription 10 and 2 days before it processes.